PaapCco. Palmer fan brand PaapCco. Palmer fan brand introduction PaapCco. Palmer fan agent PaapCco. -芭比臉猛男身

Shenzhen city Jinyuan Fashion Co. Ltd. was established in 2013, its predecessor is Guangzhou City Shaped Bai Ka Garment Co., Ltd. began to get involved in women's clothing industry since 1993, has been 20 years of development history, is set research and development, production, sales as one of the cross regional professional women's enterprises.
enterprises adhere to the "people-oriented" management philosophy,LV包包, and for the "focus on women's clothing, professional" business philosophy, fiber K& with independent intellectual property rights "; and" PaapCco CH ". Palmer fan "two professional clothing brand, the integration of the European new cultural and fashion color, Oriental women with slim and subtle, elegance moving image, to accord with human body engineering school of the first domestic TM combined with flexible tailoring exquisite and excellent sewing technology, exhibit multifunctional,LV包包, multi combination collocation Zhe school, use of detail Design on release, unique in fine art.

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[figure] Kate MOSS daughter is expected to enter the fashion circle-楚門的世界

(LADYMAX,GUCCI包包目錄.cn information) supermodel Kate · Moss's daughter Laila · Grace (Lila Grace) has not like other star two generation that is active in the camera and flash, however, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 28th, Kate & middot; Moss said she had to wear Prada queen " " the development trend of future,[figure] Kate MOSS daughter is expected to enter the fashion circle, could be one of the fashion circle.

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[figure] Abbott milk powder problem involved in Botox had denied contaminated milk powder now recall-海嘯之鬼

( information) Abbott supply all the products in the Chinese market is not used Fonterra contaminated whey protein powder. But the maximum benefit to customers, Abbott has isolated storage may 2 batches by the packaging line of the vast majority of products, and take the initiative to sell 112 boxes of related products for preventive recovery and destruction. Details and batch information see figure, will be announced later.

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【圖】Style.com推出“型格地圖” 時尚資訊全毬速遞 -李依瑾

(LADYMAX.cn資訊)東京到柏林,從悉尼到紐約,在資訊全毬化的今天,時尚同樣也不例外。Style.com打造的全新欄目“型格地圖”(Style Map),Armani,將踰30個城市的最熱事件在第一時間傳遞給讀者。

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The Third International Top Marques (TOP SHOW) in Shenzhen-山寨郵局

third annual Top Marques (TOP SHOW) in Shenzhen s Lake Golf house and Mission Hills Dongguan club together to stage last night. Many top private goods use value of Southern China area consumption potential, preferred to have chosen Shenzhen as its product release.

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Taeyeon and other stars attended the Benefit Activities hyun lips shiny colors - Brand Dynamics-T-Mac退休

Lead: Recently, SNSD members Taeyeon, After School members of the good grace with beads Yan, Wonder Girls members Wheeling and other famous artists attended the Benefit (Pui Ling Fei) in the first Chelsea brand activities. With the appearance of numerous fashion beautiful actress, but also makes the Benefit of this event is full of spectacle. In order to cater to Benefit brand theme of the event, ladies and actress also showed off their gorgeous lip gloss.


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Interview with Panerai Asia Pacific managing director Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau)-班艾佛列克

Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau)
Panerai Asia Pacific managing director

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Taobao sellers large survey Anshan half of all businesses in the luggage-池間晶子

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Liaoning CaseTrust Nike Levi's brand products many not standard-林家琪

the Consumers Association of Liaoning Province issued in March 11th on the comparison of test results of jeans, socks,Liaoning CaseTrust Nike Levi's brand products many not standard, energy saving lamp, toothbrushes and other four categories of products.
after testing, the production of the well-known manufacturers of brand-name goods sample standard rate just passable, including Nike, Levi's and many other well-known manufacturers product sample is not up to the standard.

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Mido Mido the Great Wall Observatory watch the magnificent and unique and extraordinary strength-洄瀾薯道

at the Mido factory's eyes, the magnificent spirit immortal building is a manifestation of the real design, like the "the Great Wall" Observatory watch. It is the first watch the new series, with the Swiss official Observatory (COSC) automatic winding movement certification, with unique design extraordinary become the attention focus altar table. Surface design inspired by the great wall of China building stones, the relief pattern to God: the original in the wrist; and engraved with striped disk bearing the uniform distribution of large scale, foiling watchcase edge is provided with a groove, as the rare building walls portrayal.

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