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Lead: Recently, SNSD members Taeyeon, After School members of the good grace with beads Yan, Wonder Girls members Wheeling and other famous artists attended the Benefit (Pui Ling Fei) in the first Chelsea brand activities. With the appearance of numerous fashion beautiful actress, but also makes the Benefit of this event is full of spectacle. In order to cater to Benefit brand theme of the event, ladies and actress also showed off their gorgeous lip gloss.


Taeyeon and other stars attended the Benefit Activities
Taeyeon and other stars attended the Benefit Events


Benefit cosmetics brand 2013MAKEUP COLLECTION "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" celebration recently listed first in Korea thou Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-JNB Gallery organized. To celebrate the Benefit brand of lipstick hot market, several well-known actress beautiful debut, setting off another round of high tide events. In the Benefit of the "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" listed commemoration,Taeyeon and other stars attended the Benefit Activities hyun lips shiny colors - Brand Dynamics, wearing a blue dress blue appearance of the members of SNSD Taeyeon attracted many people's eye. As a member of SNSD, Taeyeon fashion charm can not be underestimated. Beautiful pink lip color,Prada 新款肩包, highlighting the Benefit "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" lipstick fresh and gorgeous.


Benefit is a born American, longer than the U.S. cosmetics brand. After years of painstaking operation, Benefit in the minds of many women is tender and beautiful representative. The Benefit in 2013 launched the new "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" lipstick is to let women highlight lips charming side.


Benefit's new "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" lipstick, not an ordinary lipstick so simple, it is still moist and smooth lip gloss. Benefit of this lip gloss moisturizing formula contains a variety of fruits, not only smooth and easy to push, and regardless of color many times,Prada 新款肩包, it is perfectly clear to maintain the natural texture of the lips.


to commemorate the "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" lipstick listing, Benefit ushered in a number of South Korean popular actress to join in congratulations. Song Ji Hyo Korean advertising queen emergence of the "Hydra-Smooth Lip Color" celebration climax again. In the Song Ji Hyo beautiful interpretation, let Benefit lip gloss glow charm.


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