The Third International Top Marques (TOP SHOW) in Shenzhen-山寨郵局

third annual Top Marques (TOP SHOW) in Shenzhen s Lake Golf house and Mission Hills Dongguan club together to stage last night. Many top private goods use value of Southern China area consumption potential, preferred to have chosen Shenzhen as its product release.

the opening ceremony guests cut the ribbon

the exhibition gathered many high-end brands,Chanel 泡泡皮包包, including Martell cognac, France's new Italy top roadster Lamborghini, Hummer, B & W top audio, Swedish bed Heisten, Switzerland, Germany PILOCO limited edition watch the national piano Bo Lansler, these brands have Shenzhen as an important platform in Southern China area. Reporters yesterday at the scene, Martell brought its collection of 300 years per bottle of cognac, wine bottles are made of crystal hand blown. The value of 2570000 yuan, the legendary watch -- RJ watch for the first time in Southern China area at.

B& W's Ipod adaptive audio

organizers vPro exhibition director general manager Sheng Lei in an interview with reporters, the Pearl River Delta is China's main commercial and manufacturing regions,Chanel 泡泡皮包包, with Shenzhen as the representative of the Southern China area will become China's major luxury goods market. He said, the 2006 TOP SHOW for the first time in Shenzhen made a great success, many exhibitors on-site transaction volume is astonishing, the exhibition this year expanded to Dongguan area, also is the use value of strong consumption capacity in Southern China area.

Majesty's top golf

reporter in the interview found, luxury consumption psychological start by showing off to people enjoy the direction of change. "Such as luxury furniture brand Polar Deck, single goods prices the most expensive up to 1270000 yuan, customers buy is completely out of love", Sheng Lei said.


RJ DNA Watch

Sim2 top



the top luxury tableware

German national Bolansile piano

Ferrari F430


Mission Hills luxury villa location


Mission Hills luxury villa living room


Mission Hills luxury villa lounge

Lamborghini GallardoLP560-4 roadster

Lamborghini bat LP640


Rolls-Royce Phantom drophead car

Martell extreme

Jean Martell extreme top cognac

>,The Third International Top Marques (TOP SHOW) in Shenzhen;


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