one, single fold of the MM


1, single fold compared swollen eyelids, and usually small eye fissure folds, eye length is not enough, so we made double-fold effect, make the eyes larger and longer. The most direct way is to stick eyelid glue.



2, eye shadow painting can also be made false pairs, is: a place close to the roots of eyelashes painted dark eye shadow, then the position in the normal eyelid eye shadow painted with a line of natural and eye tail section and the roots of eyelashes eyeshadow connection. Or use eyeliner on eyelid draw a natural part of the fold line is possible, we must remember that the line will be in the eyelid folds like the real thing, oh! Also close to the roots of eyelashes painted eyeliner, eye shadow effect of the auxiliary, even more realistic.



3. actually folds MM is also very cute, looks like the clear Xiu Xiu, like Sandy as good too! To maintain single fold, then do not be too exaggerated eye shadow, also close to the lash roots to neutral colors such as brown, gray eye shadow from the end to the middle up and painted, because no wrinkles, it is not too wide,gucci香水, eyes closed in a centimeters, and to the end of eye, emphasizing eyes hazy sense. This painting is very stylish, it is best not to use pink, purple eye shadow, not only looked swollen, but also the lack of folds MM's personality!



two inner pairs of MM
eyeliner eyeshadow are easy to flower. So we can draw the eyelid eyeliner measured. Step is this: the eyelids turned slightly outward (the beginning may be more uncomfortable), with a pencil, can not use liquid eyeliner Oh, or flew spent. Along the inside of the eyelid eyeliner painted on the uniform, eye end portion slightly enriched some of the rough. Then painted in shades of eye shadow eye tail, pull it up with the trend of the eyes, look inside the pair were ignored!



three, under the hanging eye MM
hanging under the eye of the MM also be resolved: the end of eye shadow hanging under heavy coated parts have to raise up the results. Lower eyelid and outer 1/3 is also more painted, connect the upper and lower eyelids. Eyeliner or eyeliner also focus falls on the end of eye, must be bold, to hang under the eye end to completely fill up, and eye shadow natural together. That is the focus of the entire end of eye makeup, be sure to emphasize the upper eyelid, a raise is the most important, but it should be natural, not painted like Wu Zetian like eyebrows, eyes fly the same Oh!



four, thick eyelid MM
eyelid MM do not proud, if you are a pair of more powerful of MM,Gucci肩背包, may seem to be some lack of spirit, because too broad The eyelid is more relaxed. Then we want to paint a thicker eyeliner, eye makeup that can paint a little bit stronger, to make up for the shortcomings seemed tired.



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