[figure] Kate MOSS daughter is expected to enter the fashion circle-楚門的世界

(LADYMAX,GUCCI包包目錄.cn information) supermodel Kate · Moss's daughter Laila · Grace (Lila Grace) has not like other star two generation that is active in the camera and flash, however, according to the British "Daily Mail" reported on July 28th, Kate & middot; Moss said she had to wear Prada queen " " the development trend of future,[figure] Kate MOSS daughter is expected to enter the fashion circle, could be one of the fashion circle.

Kate Moss and her daughter


as an international supermodel Kate and the world's top fashion, her daughter Lena would never out of fashion. According to Kate, daughter have inseparable relation to fashion, only 11 years old,GUCCI, she will wear Prada "Queen" read 10 times, is also beginning to locate the occupation as their own development goals, the future is likely to become the fashion circle, become the dazzling nova.

in real life, the top fashion magazine editor Miranda prototype of course not famous the United States of America "Vogue" magazine editor Anna Wintour (· Anna Wintour) is that, because Kate is aboard her magazine covers and fame, then Kate will for his teeth peace chest and inferiority complex.


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