Liaoning CaseTrust Nike Levi's brand products many not standard-林家琪

the Consumers Association of Liaoning Province issued in March 11th on the comparison of test results of jeans, socks,Liaoning CaseTrust Nike Levi's brand products many not standard, energy saving lamp, toothbrushes and other four categories of products.
after testing, the production of the well-known manufacturers of brand-name goods sample standard rate just passable, including Nike, Levi's and many other well-known manufacturers product sample is not up to the standard.
according to the Liaoning Consumers Association Secretary General Qi Benyi introduces, supervision, guide consumption,prada代購明牌包, and safeguarding the interests of consumers, in 2013 January, the Liaoning Provincial Association invited some consumer rights representative volunteers, to the identity of consumers in Shenyang some shopping malls, supermarkets, random to buy energy-saving lamps, jeans, socks, toothbrushes and other test samples, and commissioned by the national quality inspection agencies certified according to relevant national mandatory standards were compared to test the samples.
"this test selected samples by the volunteers in Liaoshen area famous shopping malls to buy, the price from a few thousand dollars to several hundred dollars, the basic coverage of the well-known manufacturers and mainstream brand production of these four types of goods." Qi Benyi said.
test results, 14 groups of samples in Zhongshan City, socks, Banfu town resolute weaving factory NIKE (Nike) brand socks, Foshan Nanhai Daxin Knitting Industry Co.,prada代購明牌包, Ltd. Adidas (Adidas brand socks), Haining city Wanlu knitwear Co.'s new balance (balance) brand socks and so on 9 groups of samples is not in accordance with the relevant national standards.
14 jeans sample testing, production of H D Lee Apparel Ltd LEE (LI) jeans, Zibo Donghai Garment Co. Ltd, Lihui business (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. the total distribution of LEVI 'S (Levi's jeans) 7 sets of samples is not standard, not standard rate of 50%.
in addition, 15 brands of energy-saving lamps in the tests, 33% of the samples do not meet national standards, test items toothbrush products at least, are also still in the 15 samples randomly buy, found 20% samples is not up to the standard.
"mandatory national standard, in fact, is a minimum requirement for enterprise products, not up to the standard of natural unqualified. With so many qualified and 'substandard' brand products stately moves toward the market, the problems can not let people worry. Some manufacturers OEM to expand production, but ignore the quality of the products of problems need attention." Consumers Association of Liaoning province rights Commissioner He Min said.


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