Taobao sellers large survey Anshan half of all businesses in the luggage-池間晶子



Double Crown seller Xiao Zhao's home is her studio, living room filled with goods to be sent, the customer in front of a computer and never stops working. A dedicated customer service dedicated to packaging.


16 hours a day sitting in front of the computer to the toilet trot


in to a small Zhao ago, she has been giving reporters hit "vaccination": "home is really a mess, and even no place to swing a cat." Xiao Zhao, who lives near the West continent, Bedroom house, eating, sleep, and work in here. Because busy, she hired four customer service. Xiao Zhao's family is very crowded, a little less than 10 flat 5 people in the busy living room: a customer packaged goods, two customer service chat on the computer and buyers, as well as a customer service based on the day's trading information to fill Courier Shan, Xiao Zhao's mother was busy cleaning.


living room piled full of goods, "It's not that much, first floor, we have a warehouse, the goods inside more." Xiao Zhao allow the reporter to the bedroom, where also filled with goods, in addition to a bed , there is a small studio, own Taobao shop pictures are Xiao Zhao shot here.


only looks like a home, is hanging on the wall Xiaozhao wedding couple, they have been married for three years.


Xiao Zhao universities are learning English, and after graduation worked as an English teacher, has done advertisements. In 2008, Xiao Zhao resigned from the job, at home full-time open shop, do some small niche brand bag business.


Initially, Xiao Zhao one RBI everything. She slept until 9:00 every morning, after breakfast, start a full day. Morning potential buyers are few, Xiao Zhao gave new arrival bags take pictures, upload it to the computer, and then write to the Description of each bag, and then give a story on the inside,gucci, to teach buyers how to bags to match clothes.


afternoon began to get busy, Xiao Zhao side and buyers want to chat, match up, deal with all kinds of strange and even make things difficult problems, while filling express a single, one a check of goods, and then hit packaging, made express. There are city buyers to pick up, she is trot out delivery, and then come back to continue the Internet to answer buyers questions.


every night is usually the busiest time, Xiao Zhao is almost glued to the computer, eating in front of the computer, the toilet had to trot, until one or two in the morning went to bed. Almost one day 16 hours in front of the computer, this state continues for a year.


Gradually, shop gradually on the right track, Xiao Zhao is not satisfied with the order, she and her husband stake in a factory in Guangdong, from retail and gradually developed into a do wholesale. From making, look like, design, delivery while also taking into online sellers, Xiao Zhao and her husband two people everywhere at once, so hired four customer service to help her take care of shop. Xiao Zhao routinely so busy that night every day one or two, call home, she and her husband slept on the bed in the back room.


How long did go out and play? Xiaozhao husband and I looked at each other, as if every day except work is work. If the shop is just the beginning of entrepreneurship, then Xiaozhao hope: "In the future be able to create its own brand, and then open a flagship store."


Anshan Taobao sellers survive difficult


three puzzle obstruct entrepreneurial dream


past two years, as represented by Taobao shop became a courier company's main customer a single source. STO West District staff responsible Niu Jian transceiver and delivery of express mail. 2006, Anshan Taobao shop less than 10. Now Niu Jian tube light chip Taobao sellers have more than 10, he gave reporters just T account: STO more than 30 couriers, each have eight or more hands Taobao seller, there are 200 plus a plurality. "This is just the application through a number of us, Anshan many courier companies, the number of Taobao sellers actually very huge."


the courier in the mouth with a Taobao seller Anshan record set: This engaging Taobao seller of beauty products, the average daily shipments up to 200 or so, up to three or even four hundred daily shipments, absolutely regarded as the most cattle Anshan Taobao sellers.


However, these couriers mouth prosperity can not be the whole Anshan Taobao sellers booming career corroboration, too many sellers dream of doing boss has emerged, but often disappear after a few months. This is one of many reasons, but the main reason can be attributed to the following three.




professional customer service hard to find


in Anshan open Taobao, dozens of pieces of the big day despatch few sellers, mostly alone type. "Customer service industry," according to the ratio of the South behind a lot.


Yang Yang in the online main selling cosmetics, the most busy day to send more than 30 express. "My mother is my customer service, help me pack delivery. Busy time can not wait to grow superhuman powers." Yang Yang also want to hire someone as customer service,Taobao sellers large survey Anshan half of all businesses in the luggage, but always worried about customer service to speak carelessly way to offend customers. "Chatting with the customer is the gate skills, you face a variety of customers every day, once the care and attention, it is easy to lose old customers."


Click to enlarge small Zhao Although four customer service, but her biggest headache is this. "Customers who buy goods online will propose various things difficult issue, and I have hired a lot of customer service, mostly to do two days walk away." Now every provoke a customer, Xiao Zhao would personally trained.


"Anshan Taobao sellers started late, no formation of climate, customer resources nor the South so good." Xiao Zhao said, "Five Crown Taobao seller, once a high-profile recruit CEO (Chief Executive Officer),gucci, annual salary of 200,000 , responsible for the management and operation of shop, treatment is not inferior to a senior white-collar workers. "




lack of experience


Little Wu, 25, a student of the University of MICE, likes fashion, after graduating from Taobao opened a clothing store. Little Wu will design their own clothes, and then sent to the Guangdong layouts manufacturers, products made out of her personally when models try, shoot photos posted online. Wu has designed a small harem pants, sold quite well. "Last month was 'cheated' it!" November, Xiaowu bought some clothes, and spent 3000 yuan ask a professional photographer film. "It was to do things by feel, and what did not sign the contract. Results photographer to the end of November and only then give me a picture." Buy costumes are exquisite playing ahead of quantity, because the picture of the relationship, full of small Wu's clothes for a month lag, off season on outdated models difficult to sell price, "wasted my money up."

 Qian Haozhuan

online shop, but also risks. Yang Yang cosmetics mostly from abroad, purchase, buyers are focused on production batch number, the fresher the better sell. "One time I bought some goods from Britain, originally scheduled arrival of a month, the result is pushed up four whole months. Things hand, there are still a year out of date." Yang Yang was later learned, with her cargo a up the goods, someone secretly entrainment of two LV bag, no customs, smuggling and do not pay taxes equivalent to the results bulk goods are detained at customs.




network rights difficult


never worried about supply of Xiao Zhao encountered trouble their minds is that many high-end sellers of heart disease - after being infringed rights difficult. "If we store Which package sold well, the Internet will be exactly the same two days, the price is also cheaper than us. Stolen some pictures, some of them even have instructions and copy the title." Xiao Zhao said, began She will go to complaint, then this kind of thing too, the complaint can not be resolved, even himself numb.


Anshan Taobao sellers future


break barriers to entrepreneurial success


Status: Anshan Seller half in the luggage


business future: breaking the single product restrictions


Taobao, the number of the Yangtze River Delta, Beijing Taobao seller is most active. Because there are many factories, many Taobao sellers can get primary sources.


Anshan is neither first-tier cities, light is not developed, without a stable supply, which means that more than 2.6 million in the country Taobao shop is not competitive. In the eyes of the courier Niu Jian, Anshan fact, there are "specialty" - Southern Taiwan luggage, because he and colleagues have contacted a number of Taobao sellers Anshan, half are in the luggage business.


Xiaozhao never worry about the supply. She shares a factory, as long as the customer orders, she took layouts played in the past, let the factory according to picture it. A simple bag work, at least do so after version 100. "There is no reliable supply is a common problem in many Taobao seller, you get the goods, the price is not competitive, naturally, no one buys. Most sellers insist on not down to the last." With the factory, Xiao Zhao and located in Southern Taiwan a wholesale point, while also offering wholesale side open shop, "Keiko Long Street and four someone to sell our home goods. Nantai package and those who sell more than Taobao seller, I do not have the pressure of competition."


Xiao Zhao's business is booming, more and more friends around to discuss with her open shop thing, especially clothing. Many people think that in the online shop is not a difficult task, go Xiliu and Southern Taiwan purchase, then the little mouse knock on the keyboard is commonly understood shop business model. But the reality and imagination far, Xiao Zhao had several friends around With a son momentum also opened shop, but later were hastily shut shop end. Poor Which? Apart from not operating, the most important thing is the single luggage products sellers across the country not too competitive.


Status: express delivery for a long time, postage the future: breaking the geographical and climatic constraints


regional issues are also restrictions Anshan Taobao sellers is an important factor. Often in people who are aware of online shopping, general buyers YRD Most online shopping only takes five yuan courier, and even free shipping. "Anshan express delivery time is relatively long, postage is also expensive, the same thing, buyers are willing to choose International cheap." Yang Yang received from the United States, to Anshan including clearance was gone five days, but she give Guizhou a Taobao buyers shipping, actually sent 10 days, the buyer is very angry. "I'm Dayton explained, with the customer to talk about things, or if the have one in the assessment and negative feedback, I will coming with To know Poor shop sellers who are the most taboo."


few days ago, Anshan Heavy snow, Yang Yang also suffered a business on the "black one week." "Because the courier delivery strenuous, many users simply do not buy the goods the seller Liaoning That week I received the list, almost all the province buyers." It is not too outrageous, Yang Yang of a Taobao seller friends, have done to four drill, because restricted Liaoning Province, deliberately moved Taobao has now done five crown.


Anshan Taobao sellers "ttttb9" Although not yet appreciate the courier delays caused by "negative effect", but he admits Anshan courier indeed more expensive, is located in the south of Liaoning, to the northwest and southwest to express than Central Plains area people two or three dollars more expensive shops. For the meager profits, competitiveness, price relatively transparent industry, the two dollars is fatal.


Postscript: As we approached around these Dingdai "Blue Diamond" and "crown" of the elite Taobao seller, only to find the same virtual world of entrepreneurship is full of hardships and setbacks, requires vision, wisdom, persistence, hard work, and so all required in the real world commercial virtue. Successful network operators behind the numerous failures alone. Perhaps, in the virtual world to pay more toil and sweat, but also need the spirit of innovation and perseverance in order to obtain the same success with the real world. Source: Liao Shen Evening News





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