Interview with Panerai Asia Pacific managing director Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau)-班艾佛列克

Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau)
Panerai Asia Pacific managing director
who grew up in France, to obtain a master's degree in global commerce in the Rouen higher school after entering the Cartire as a product manager. 1999 returned from Switzerland Paris, responsible for the high-end watch market planning calendar?. 2001 went to Italy Milan as the Panerai market manager, actively promote the brand development work in the early. In 2004 to become the European sales director Panerai Panerai, arrived in Hongkong on 2007, as the Asia Pacific managing director has.

Panerai Asia Pacific managing director: Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau)

A: relative to other watch brands, do you think the advantages and characteristics of Panerai in where?
Mr. Gerondeau: Panerai has a very special historical background, we from the 30's to the Italy Navy making watches, you can see its unique design, than other brands of large dial. At present most watches are born in Switzerland under the premise,gucci, Panerai Italy background is very different. We will brand positioning for high-end sports watch, high quality limited output is very important. In 1993 60 years prior, we only produce 300 watches, and so far the world has only 9 stores. In order to ensure the quality and unique, each year the watches have limited amount, so many customers need to wait in line.

A: your favorite what traits Panerai,gucci?
Mr. Gerondeau: Panerai to initial impressed me very deep. 1997 years? Group acquired Panerai, I still work for Cartire,Interview with Panerai Asia Pacific managing director Wang Shaoqian (Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau), the first contact to the brand, it's out of the ordinary style design, is also very rare in the market. I found the information related to it, to know it is of Italy origin, Florence watchmaking workshop and the Swiss production is so different, especially in listed in the calendar? After many luxury brand, development is its curious. Comprehensive high quality and uniqueness of various factors such as the Panerai watches exhibit, made me very interested in it, and finally began to Panerai service in a few years.

A: from the Italy Navy dedicated to open the private market, sales object change on Panerai watches manufacturing impact?
Mr. Gerondeau: not to move or retreat to keep Panerai watches quality is very important to us. Of course, with the continuous development of the tabulation process, our technique also unlike decades ago. But the appearance design, it will show the historical tradition is always the same. You can see the table and manual we now the production of the first table almost no >


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